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21 Artists for 21 Years

When Pravesh Kumar MBE, founded Rifco Theatre Company 21 years ago, his vision was simple: "If no one else is willing to represent the stories and experiences of the British South Asian community, I will".

21 years later, the way representation looks on our stages has dramatically changed, and Rifco has been and continues to be a major part of this journey. The company has drawn from the vibrancy of the British South Asian community, who have in turn shown unwavering support for the work produced. This has provided opportunities to draw underrepresented artists and audiences together to create and enjoy relevant and accessible stories.

21 Artists for 21 Years is a celebration of the enormous contribution that British South Asian creatives have made, and will continue to make, not just to the success of Rifco but to the UK theatre sector. Rifco will commission one artist for every year of our journey - playwrights, craft makers, lyricists, visual and spoken word artists – to create new work that celebrates Rifco’s 21st anniversary and gives voice to artists and the British South Asian experience.

As we look back on how far we have come, Rifco is incredibly excited to present proof that British South Asian artists are placed to lead the arts sector over the next 21 years.

21 Artists for 21 Years


Satinder Chohan


Yasmin Wilde

TaqiNazeer Artist

Taqi Nazeer Artist

Hafsah AneelaBashir

Hafsah Aneela Bashir


Nafeesa Hamid


Sarah Isaac


Naomi Joesph


Rupi Lal


Mahesh Parkar


Apinder Sahni


Momtaz Begum-Hossain